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Renovations (Repair/Upgrade) to BLDG 1410


CONTRACT # FA-3300-12-C-0025       $3,492,953.20

Stephens performed this job which consisted of all equipment, material, and labor required for complete and satisfactory operation of HVAC systems and renovation of bathrooms. Scope of work included:   Renovate existing Building 1410 - Redo Vanity, including demolition, interior finishes, carpentry and plumbing. Upgrade HVAC, including demolition, new partitions, new interior finishes, carpentry and, HVAC systems, fire protection systems, lighting, and power.   General demolition of existing interior construction, lighting fixtures, power outlets and wiring.  Interior architectural finishes: Carpentry and cabinet work.  Miscellaneous items as required for a complete project: Reworking of the HVAC system, Fire protection sprinkler system, Drywall partitions.

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